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    Downie Management Consulting Partners
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    Our Values
    Be human, and stay humble
    Lean and simple
    Do the right thing
    Think flexibly. Try different
    Form and Content
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About Our Company

DMC Partners with headquarters in Bucharest and Boston Great Area,
is a business consultancy hub, servicing the Central-Eastern Europe market,
in specialized search, business reshape, team or individual reset, interim management
and contingency work for specialists and experts.


Our services help clients find solutions to their most complex and challenging problems
and stay tuned for their competitive market.

Happy Clients

Read what our clients have to say

Carmen Dumitrache

HR Director, Freescale

I have known Camelia Downie since 2004 and I worked together with her as a Recruitment Consultant for a Country Manager position. I was impressed with the speed of her reaction to my request. In two weeks, I got the short list with three very good candidates. Along with their CVs, Camelia prepared very professional and relevant Candidates reports. I appreciate Camelia’s entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm, and I consider her among the true professionals in the HR consultancy field.

Dana Popa

HR Manager, Snack Attack

I am very content with the service that DMC provided to us this year. I have said many times, that I only do business with very few recruiters and that I liked DMC mostly due to their caring nature, prompt response, and respect for my time and priorities. Service was professional, and I appreciated the timely updates on progress in finding a qualified candidate. Staff was knowledgeable and easy to work with. Candidates referred for consideration were well screened and easily met the specifications required for the position to be filled.

Mihaela Dan

Global HR Director, BitDefender

One of the most important collaborations with DMC was in 2010 when we had an international head-hunting project for Bit Defender Offices in US and Germany.

DMC is a company which understands quickly client needs, finds quick solutions to any challenge, and finalizes within the agreed deadlines.

This was proven from the first week of our collaboration; this is why I gladly recommend DMC as a trusted partner for a long lasting and qualitative relationship.

Dragos Mircea Rebegea

M.Sc.E.E., MBA Senior Account Manager Networks, Ericsson Telecommunications Romania

EQ Assessment organized by DMC was insightful for me. Being more familiar with traditional IQ and academic education, I recognized and discovered the strong and weak points of my behaviour.

Self-awareness, self-management, social consciousness, and relationships management were “common sense” concepts, but I couldn’t imagine how they could be transposed in a quantified manner….Personally, I consider a big gain my participation in the program (assessment, feedback, instrumentation) organized by DMC, and I warmly recommend it for companies or individuals interested in personal development.

Oana Mironescu

HR Manager, 3M

The Think Up teambuilding program organized by DMC for 70 people in 3M, was a memorable and lasting event for each and every participant, and for all of us as a team. DMC helped us in reaching our targets for such an event. I appreciated mostly the trainers’ professionalism which taught us in a funny and amusing manner, serious concepts related to emotional intelligence and team work.

Anneliese Anghel

HR Director, OTP Bank

Our participation in EQ Management training organized by DMC with Michael Gruber was a live proof of exceeding expectations. The course content and the quality of the performance of the DMC trainer were at such a high standard, giving us new perspectives and new ideas over well-known concepts. The most important training acquisition was the taste for self-discovery, and discovery of others, and looking to approach people and situations in a different way.

Elvira Radomirescu

Ex HR Regional Manager OMV Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia Currently Corporate Senior Expert – Global Talent Management OMV

I collaborated with DMC for training, recruitment and HR consultancy services for our people in OMV Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia.

I highly appreciated the creativity and the high level of expertise.

There were stances where our company had requirements that were hard to meet, but DMC reached every requirement in a timely manner. Training delivery in both Serbian and Bulgarian languages are some examples of DMC’s capacity to adapt to a specific need by international partnerships, while keeping the holistic approach. DMC proved its ability to orchestrate high scale projects of complexity and geography. We recommend DMC for its capacity to find smart solutions in a flexible and fast way.